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Greetings from the PBA Board of Directors


The Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Baptist Association (PBA) is comprised of women and men, clergy and layperson alike.  We are a group of committed persons from different backgrounds with varying gifts, interests, and expertise who have joined together to provide support, leadership, and counsel to the association. Each one of us pool our resources and gifts to help undergird, strengthen, and support the work of PBA. We are thankful, particularly to Reverend Dr. James McJunkin, Executive Minister, and his staff as they work tirelessly to ensure that the work and mission of PBA is carried out effectively from day to day, month to month, and year to year.

Since our inception in 1707, the PBA has been committed to connecting person to person and congregation to congregation so that the work and mission of these gathered communities, not easily accomplished on their own, would have the support, resources, and partnership to accomplish their goals. The face of our work, our congregations, and even our sense of mission has taken on different outlooks throughout the years. Whether heeding the call to be involved in social reform, mission work in other lands, or outreach in our own communities, the essential DNA of our sense of calling has remained steadfast.  We remain committed to PBA’s vision: “[inspiring] and [equipping] the congregations of the PBA to support and strengthen American Baptist witness and mission for our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, through dynamic, multicultural, and diverse relationships.”

Over the last several years, we have been exploring the heart of our work, the needs of our congregations, and the challenges of our current contexts and asked ourselves hard questions about our effectiveness and relevance in this season of the association’s life. We are proud to say that we have come through this time of asking, seeking, and knocking more confident in the work that our God has placed in our hands. The deep in our congregations has called to the deep in us and we are responding by addressing our congregations’ concerns about 21st Century Families, Next Generation Church Leadership, Violence in Our Communities, and Globalization. We are convinced that our ability to survive… to thrive as an association, is inextricably connected to our willingness to listen to heart of our member churches’ concerns and to embrace this challenge of adaptive change. We, like our congregations, are working towards serving this present age in ways that make sense and have eternal weight and significance.

It is our sincere hope that as you visit our website and search the various pages, you will not only find the information you need, but also the inspiration for the work that has brought you here.