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James E. McJunkin Jr. post

James E. McJunkin Jr. post

My Prayer for the Philadelphia Baptist Association

We have been a community of believers.  For centuries we have told the story of Jesus Christ.  Each congregation has been a house of prayer, and a place of solace and peace.  Led by your Spirit, each congregation has fashioned their particular witness for Christ.

We are the birth place for all collective Baptist witness in the United States.  We have seen miraculous growth in our history as the Philadelphia Baptist Association spanned across the United States.  We have witnessed extraordinary ministries that started in our congregations and have had an impact on the nation and the world.  We have been a place of blessing for so many in our small and large congregations.  We have hung together across three hundred and seven years, practicing interdependence.

Today it is almost “counter cultural” to maintain deep passion for a collective Baptist witness.  For many, the notion of community has given way to fear of differences, scarcity, survival, and self-centered independence.  My prayer this day is that we can continue to build accountable relationships for a common mission in our day.  I pray that we can continue the century old traditions of Baptist witness, charity, and service in our context.

My Lord, give us the wisdom to connect to one another in your name.  May we find your love and your peace among us.  May we remember the hard fought lesson that when we lean on one another we have all that we need for the journey ahead.  May we continue to find your strength in one another.

Jesus Christ, each of us belongs to you and we belong to one another.  May we reflect your love and your passion for diversity in all of creation.  Bring us out of places of isolation and inward focus.  We want to be a people, your people, known by our love.

Rev. Dr. James E. McJunkin Jr.                                                                                                                      Executive Minister